Hello Nudre;

Innovation and sustainability illuminate our path. In 2019, www.nudre.com, a partnership of Nudre Corp. (United States of America) and Nudre ÖÜ (Estonia), brought a new breath to the sector with its experienced and young staff to make online home accommodation reservations. Nudre, instantly updates and checks 1200+ accommodations on the World because of offer to agents them with prices and availability. The number of member facilities and agencies is increasing day by day.

www.nudre.com, which has been working to become a leading brand in the global market with its R&D in 2015, started its publication life completely in 2019.

Nudre, a kind of home bank, provides agencies to book with high commission rates and earn high profits for their customers.

Agencies which use to B2B system Nudre can instantly rent homes that are registered on the system in many points of the World for their customers.

Nudre is available in 42 languages and 21 currencies and as of 2020, it is aimed to be used b agencies all over the World.

Our Mission

To offer thousands of accommodation facilities for all budgets to our customers worldwide and to make fast, easy and reliable reservations for both holiday and business trips.

Our Vision

We aim to be an easy-to-use, reliable distribution channel that provides the most options from one screen to agencies for all home acommodations. We have been working for you together with our new, dynamic support team who have gained many years of experience in the tourism sector, and with our legal department that has analyzed the tourism legislation and the relevant country laws in order to protect the rights of the agencies/agency customers.