1-What is Nudre?

B2B system Nudre is an onlibe cloud system that provides short-term home rental system to agencies.
All taxable agencies and tourism companies in the World who want to rent a holiday home to their customers, can become members.
Agents renting houses for their customers through the system earn 10% of the total amount as commission .
The agency must make a 30% prepayment online to confirm a reservation. The remaining payment must be paid within the specified period.
Prepayment and remaining fee will be transferred to the account owner / representative within 24 hours after the fee has been paid to Nudre.
The owner/representative can cancel the reservation which is approved 3 times in total during the membership process. After 3 cancellations, the amount paid to the booking agency + system commission is paid or an upper segment has an obligation to allocate the house (Confirmation of the booking agent is required.). During the cancellation process of the booking agencies, the rules and deductions stated in the booking screen are valid.
All availability of the houses registered on the system are checked instantly. However, because of the time differences in some countries, the availability of some houses is proccessed Daily.
Agencies at Nudre can book in their national currency.
Nudre team sees and verifies the houses we work in different countries of the World.
The facility owners/representatives who provide the necessary conditions submit all prices, visuals and information after the certificate approval. Necessary entries are made by the Nudre team.
Owners or representatives who want to sell their houses on Nudre have to submit the necessary documents when requested. The account is bloked when no certification is made.
Monday – Friday 09.00 – 18.00
Instant support is available based on local time in Estonia (GMT+2) and United States (GMT-5).
Nudre never reflects the hidden/extra prices out of the specified prices.
Bookings are informed to the owners and the booking agencies by e-mail and sms.
The United States and Estonia (EU) laws and rules apply.