With a medieval charm about it, the city of Granada in Spain offers a perfect destination for history buffs as well as nature lovers. Like a scene straight out of the movies, Granada is blessed with a panoramic, awe-inspiring landscape where the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges rule the skyline. The city stretches out to the plains of Vega and ends on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. With the rivers like Genil and Darro criss-crossing through the heart of the city, Granada is blessed with fertile plains. With stunning architecture that dates back to the Moorish rule and Christian domination, Granada has a rich heritage.

This is a city where narrow streets and forts speak of bloody history and great conquests, and forts and cathedrals stand testimony to its stories.\n\nIf you are embarking on a trip to this beautiful city, be sure that you visit the Alhambra, the Museum of Alhambra, Granada Cathedral, Arc of Elvira, Royal Chapel of Granada and Monasterio de San Jeronimo. Seek out some adventures in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

Lately, the city has turned into a cosmopolitan hub where its medieval splendour has fused with modernity and students from outside have flocked into this city for higher education at the University of Granada.